Course Name Instructor
Spring 2011 Teaching Assistant 6.437 Inference and Information Polina Golland & Greg Wornell


Courses@MIT (Sep. 2008 - present)

  Course Name Instructor
Sixth Year
Spring 2014 Ph.D thesis  
Fall 2013 Ph.D thesis  
Fifth Year
Spring 2013 6.856 Randomized Algorithms (Listener) David Karger
Fall 2012 15.450 Analytics of Finance Leonid Kogan
Fourth Year
Spring 2012 6.265 Advanced Stochastic Processes Devavrat Shah
  15.S12 Functional and Strategic Finance Robert Merton
Fall 2011 6.255 Optimization Methods Pablo Parrilo
  15.S25 Foreign Exchange Markets from a Quantitative Perspective (H1) Mark Mueller
  15.S20 Investment Management (H2) Jeffrey L. Shames
  6.454 Graduate Seminar in Area I (Participant) Yury Polyanskiy
  6.852 Distributed Algorithms (Listener) Nancy Lynch
Third Year
Spring 2011 6.897 Seminars on Cloud Computing Hari Balakrishnan
  6.342 Wavelets, Approximation, and Compression (Listener) Vivek Goyal
  6.972 Statistical Inference in High-Dimensional Settings (Listener) Martin Wainwright
  15.012 Applied Macro and International Economics (Listener) Roberto Rigobon & Alberto Cavallo
Fall 2010 6.451 Principles of Digital Communication II (Coding Theory) David Forney
Second Year
Spring 2010 Master Thesis  
Fall 2009 6.452 Principles of Wireless Communication Lizhong Zheng
  6.454 Graduate Seminar in Area I Lizhong Zheng
  6.079 Convex Optimization (Listener) Pablo Parrilo & Stephen Boyd
First Year
Spring 2009 6.437 Inference and Information Gregory Wornell & Pollina Golland
  6.441 Information Theory Lizhong Zheng
Fall 2008 6.438 Algorithms for Inference and Estimation Gregory Wornell & William Freeman
  6.450 Principles of Digital Communications I Muriel Médard

Courses@University of Toronto (Sep. 2004 - Jun. 2008)

  Course Name Instructor
Fourth Year
Spring 2008 ECE311 Dynamic System Control Raymond Kwong
  ECE496 Design Project Supervisor: Wei Yu
  ECE464 Wireless Communications Elvino Sousa
  CSC321 Neural Networks Geoffrey Hinton
Fall 2007 ECE344 Operating System Ashvin Goel
  ECE461 Internetworking Jörg Liebeherr
  ECE472 Engineering Economic Analysis & Entrepreneurship R. Vander Kraats
  ECE1502 Information Theory (Graduate level) Frank R. Kschischang
  ECE496 Design Project Supervisor: Wei Yu
PEY Year
Spring 2007 MAT357 Real Analysis I Charles Pugh
  ECO100Y Introduction to Economics William Wolfson
Fall 2006 MAT327 Introduction to Topology Michael Shub
  ECO100Y Introduction to Economics William Wolfson
Third Year
Spring 2006 ECE342 Computer Hardware Stephen Brown
  ECE417 Digital Communication Pas S. Pasupathy
  ECE422 Radio Systems Costas D. Sarris
  ECE431 Digital Signal Processing Wei Yu
  ECE462 Multimedia Systems Dimitris Hatzinakos
  GGR252 Marketing Geography Swales
Fall 2006 ECE316 Communication Systems Frank R. Kschischang
  ECE318 Fundamentals of Optics Li Qian
  ECE320 Fields and Waves Mohammad Mojahedi
  ECE361 Computer Networks I Shahrokh Valaee
  ECE1500 Stochastic Processes (Graduate level) Ben Liang
  MAT301 Groups and Symmetry Romuald Stanczak
Second Year
Spring 2005 ECE221 Electric and Magnetic Fields Amr Helmy
  ECE243 Computer Organization Andreas Moshovos
  ECE299 Design and Communication II Michael Stumm
  FCS195 Napoleon to Asterix Halia Koo
  APS103 Engineering, Society and Environment  
Fall 2004 ECE241 Digital Systems Jonathan Rose
  ECE298 Design and Communication I Phil Anderson & Robert Irish
  ENG182 Effective Technical Writing Deirdre Flynn
  CIV101 Structure, Material, and Design  
  Four courses this semester, as I was a transfer student.

Courses@Tsinghua University (Sep. 2002 - Jun. 2004)

  Course Name Instructor
Second Year
Summer 2004 Leaving for Toronto...  
Spring 2004 Signals and Systems Jianhua Lu
  Quantum Mechanics Zhan Xu
  Graph Theory Guangwen Yang
  Probability and Statistics Xiaofeng Wang
  Logic Design and Digital Systems Rong Luo
  Experiments in Mathematics Jinxing Xie
Fall 2003 Fundamentals of Analog Electronics Wenhuan Gao
  Calculus II Yi Ouyang
  Physics II Jimei Hua
  Introduction to Complex Analysis Qiyan Shi
  Introduction to Methods of Mathematics and Physics Qilin Yang
  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Zhe Jiang
  Principle of Economics Shujuan Gao
  Practice of Electronics System Design Project Course
First Year
Summer 2003 Military Training Desheng Wang
  Computer Programming Training Sun Jiasong
Spring 2003 Principle of Circuits Zhikang Li
  Physics I Weirong Chen
  Data Structure and Algorithms Mingfang Zhu
  Advanced Algebra Bin Zhu
  Calculus III Zhiming Hu
  Chemistry and Society Seminar Course
Fall 2002 Calculus I Zhiming Hu
  Computer Languages and Programming Shiliang Xu
  Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry Dianjun Wang
  Introduction of Modern Biology Qingyu Wu
  Introduction to Excellent Western Works Weixi Hu

My course materials

I am sharing some of my presentations/reports/notes, hoping that it may be useful for others as well.

My courses materials@MIT

6.454 Graduate Seminars in Area I (Fall 2011)

I presented a few papers on the bounds on reliable boolean function computation with noisy boolean gates:

6.897 Seminars on Cloud Computing (Spring 2011)

This is a reading course on cloud computing systems and I presented the following paper:

6.451 Coding Theory (Fall 2010)

I worked with my colleagues Gauri Joshi, Joong Bum Rhim and John Sun, to learn about fountain codes by surveying various papers on the topic and produce the following course report:

6.454 Graduate Seminars in Area I (Fall 2009)

I presented the following papers together with John Sun:

My courses materials@University of Toronto

GGR252: Marketing Geography (Spring 2006)

FCS195 French Culture Studies (Spring 2005)

Napoleon to Asterix: (all 11 lectures in a ZIP file)

ECE298 System Design and Technical Communication (Fall 2004)

I typed the following course notes, partially as a way to learn LaTeX.